Consent management : how to optimize it ?

Consent management consists of managing the consents of users and customers of a company or website for any processing of personal data.

What is consent management?

Consent management is a system that allows users to either accept or decline specific categories of cookies. For example: preferences, statistics, marketing. In particular, they can give their consent and withdraw it again when they wish.

What is a good consent management system?

A good consent management system includes a few important elements. In particular, it should ask for the user's consent while expressly stating why it is given and also how their data will be used. It must retain tracking until consent is obtained. It must keep all consents secure (as documentation of consent). It must give your users a simple and effective way to withdraw their consent at any time. It should be renewed every year. However, there are some national data protection guidelines that recommend a more frequent renewal (e.g. every 6 months). You should therefore check your site's compliance with local data protection guidelines. Technical questions should also be asked, for example, what is an A/B test? A/B testing is a system for comparing different versions of a particular experiment or advertising campaign. It consists of assessing which version is the most effective for a previously set objective. For example, you can compare one web page with another or a mobile application using a sample of Internet users.

Things to consider when optimising consent

Remember that your brand is important. Just as branding can attract new customers, your brand can also help you get more consent. So you need to be in line with your values. For example, you can put your logo in this window and explain why the topic is important. This way, you will reassure your visitors and surely obtain more consent. You should also be aware that the question of timing is very important. When should you ask for this consent? In the first second or on the first page of the visit? Or should you give the user some time to discover your site and avoid a bounce rate because of this request? So, first, you will need to analyse the behaviour of your visitors. It should also be noted that the format is a key element. A format that is both discreet and non-intrusive is important. In fact, you don't necessarily need to collect all consent rates. Studying your needs in more depth is your key to success.
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