Online guide to learn how to use Pinterest

One of the most powerful, yet seemingly overlooked, social platforms on the web is Pinterest. Its dynamic and ever-changing nature can be intimidating to some. Nevertheless, if you are a business owner looking to take your social media to the next level, diving into Pinterest is highly recommended. Whether you're completely new to Pinterest or an old user, we give you the most effective tips for success on the platform.

Learn how to use Pinterest

If you're wondering how to use pinterest, these tips can help you succeed. First of all, if you're a total beginner, you need to decide if you even want to use that Pinterest thing everyone is talking about on social media. Go to and click on "Join Pinterest". You can sign up using your email address, Facebook or Twitter. They will guide you through finding someone to follow, creating your first boards and setting up a button. Now that you have an account, you will want to start following people or forums. Following someone simply means that on your main Pinterest page you will see what they are pinning. The screen when you first log in shows you all the pins of everyone you follow. After that, you need to create your pinboards. Think of your boards as a physical noticeboard, so you can keep all your pins organized by category. Start browsing your main page and repin and add a Pin It button to your browser. Search for pins or boards. You can also use Pinterest as a searching tool.

Pinterest in a nutshell

Go back to the 90s for a moment. Remember when you used to make vision boards with cut-outs of your favourite magazines on a corkboard or stuck on your wall? In digital strategy, think of Pinterest as a digital visiual board of everything that inspires you and everything you'd like to share with the world. And instead of browsing through all your old magazines, Pinterest is embodied as a 'visual search engine', allowing you to search for anything and everything. But how do you use pinterest? People use Pinterest as a creative outlet to pin ideas for their daily lives. Pins are the images you save. And instead of having all your pins in one place, users have the ability to organize their interests into several separate boards, making it easier for them and their audience to search for specific content.

Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

Many people wonder how to use pinterest because of its effectiveness. Pinterest reaches 335 million active users per month! This statistic alone is already a sign that you should take advantage of this traffic generating platform. Although increasing your audience is probably one of the most important benefits of using Pinterest, it goes beyond that. Pinterest is a reliable digital strategy and allows you to make your content always visible, gives insight into the interests of your target audience and helps you build your brand. Here are the top reasons to start creating your Pinterest account today : - Share your vision : Pinterest gives you the platform to visually express to your customers who and what you are. You can create boards full of pins that reflect your brand identity and in turn build and reinforce your brand image. - Get more eyeballs on your content: Pins allow you to discover yourself and your products and will appear regularly on your subscribers' homepages. Plus, since you can link your pins directly to your website, the potential to generate traffic is huge! - Turn your profile into a storefront : if you're a retailer, switch to a business profile to access the Shop tab. This new Pinterest feature displays your in-stock products organized by category and featured product groups. This way, you can sell your products directly on Pinterest and create more opportunities for users to discover your brand on social media. - Measure your success : as a business, it's essential to have a goal in mind when launching on a social platform. Pinterest makes it easy for you to do just that.

Other benefits of using Pinterest for your brand

Get to know your customers, you can gain insight into the interests of your potential and current customers by looking at current trends on Pinterest. Pinterest also offers a variety of ways to engage and build community such as the ability to create group boards, allowing people to comment on pins and their most recent reactions to video pins. Pinterest content lasts longer. Indeed, the content you pin sometimes takes a while to gain traction, and that's because Pinterest content doesn't disappear like it does on other social media platforms. Pins are searched, discovered and re-pinned over time, so you don't have to worry about them getting lost in the algorithm.

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