Animation of stands and trade fairs : using a specialised agency

For companies, professional events such as trade fairs, workshops and conferences are an integral part of their strategic communication. For them, showing their presence at these key events is the best way to expand prospecting lists, meet partners or even obtain new customers. However, simply attending the show is not enough, your contribution must be effective and profitable. And for that, having an attractive stand is the first step. Moreover, you are allowed to hire a professional for stand and trade fair animation on the occasion of a particular event.

The importance of trade events for companies

Trade shows are a golden opportunity for companies to address their target audience and enhance their brand image. In fact, today's market players are evolving in a professional world driven by virtual tools and e-commerce, thus establishing a remote relationship between customers and companies. It can be said that these events are a rare opportunity to physically approach partners and customers. It is not new, participation in these trade fairs helps to build customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. As a marketing operation in its own right, a trade fair must be the result of a well thought-out process, requiring the development of a solid strategy. However, it all starts with setting your objectives in order to create impactful messages. This being the case, participation in a trade fair can be for the purpose of expanding your network to establish new relationships with partners, to learn about developments in the market in which you are evaluating, to boost your company's image, to convince prospects to become your partners, or to strengthen the trust between you and customers and suppliers. In other words, attending a large-scale trade fair should not be improvised at all. Everything has to be well thought out, including the trade fair animation itself. This is a fairly substantial investment. Therefore, a small return on investment is out of the question. Why not rely on the skills of a professional stand designer?

Why do you need a professional stand designer?

Your team may be good at many things. However, they may not be able to showcase your stand and attract the target audience effectively. This requires skills that go far beyond mere technical know-how. However, a dormant stand will waste your time and money. There are no 36 solutions to avoid these pitfalls, use a stand designer who is well versed in the workings of trade shows. A stand designer can be attached to an event agency or work for himself. In both cases, his service is as complete as possible. He can create a user-friendly and attractive space by proposing a design that is in perfect harmony with your graphic charter. He prepares and positions the communication tools and media you need. This can be signage, tall signs, screens and even digital media. You can also rely on him to create demonstration stations, a speaking area and a meeting area. Of course, the organisation and creation of a trade fair stand animation remain his main missions. The service provider can also take care of the administrative and logistical aspects of the trade fair, including the repatriation of exhibition material, assembly, installation and dismantling. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge, he will be able to understand the technical constraints linked to your type of exhibition. This why he can offer you a complete and personalised support service. All this is discussed in advance, as you will always have the last word.

The event presenter : the guarantee of an attractive stand

There is nothing better than a talented event organiser to bring the event to life and make it dynamic. In fact, trade fair stand animation is a real art. Not everyone can do it and yet a well animated stand brings in a large audience. Your audience can be your partners, your prospects or your customers. In any case, they need a friendly atmosphere to convey your messages. In short, the event animator will be in charge of these tasks. He will be there to liven up your stand with games and various presentations of which he has the secret. You will pay for his skills, as well as for his humour and daring. Usually, the presenter is hired by the company. At the same time, he or she may work with an event agency that is assisting the company with the organisation of a trade fair, seminar or incentive. In any case, his experience enables him to identify the expectations of the target audience and to offer the appropriate trade fair entertainment. You can call on this professional to animate your stand with games, to present your products, to highlight your services, etc. His communicative enthusiasm is the guarantee of obtaining a greater number of visitors.

Trade show entertainment adapted to your needs

A professional trade show presenter offers the advantage of creating unique events, perfectly suited to your prestige. They can also offer a very wide range of services and entertainment, allowing you to obtain event hostesses, among other options. This is one of the best ways of effectively communicating your corporate values to the target customers who visit the exhibition. This is why its services are 100% tailor-made, as each company has its own needs to attract attention to its stand. Throughout the event, the presenter will bring out that inspirational personality that allows him to set the pace of the event. This gives you the opportunity to directly reach several participants in order to better interact and transmit the message efficiently.
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