Difference between product marketing and customer marketing

Have you ever heard of customer marketing?

In recent years, it seems to be the magic formula for building customer loyalty and boosting sales, at the expense of product marketing, which has become obsolete. But is this really the case in the market? Before making the right decisions for your company and your business, it's important to learn about these technical terms.

What is product-focused marketing?

Marketing is a widely used English word in France and other countries around the world. It is sometimes called merchandising, and refers to everything that surrounds the sales process and its techniques. Marketing is mainly thought of in terms of a strategy to improve the sales of a company or a product. Although it is not directly opposed to the concept of customer marketing and may even be complementary to it, product marketing differs significantly from it. Product marketing focuses on sales techniques that revolve around a particular product and its promotion. It is, for example, an advertising campaign or business event that revolves around a specific product, brand or range, regardless of your audience or customer base. It is a tried and tested method that is now disappearing.

What is customer marketing?

Customer marketing is the new kid on the block in the world of business marketing. While it does not completely forget about the product, it does detach itself from it significantly in order to focus on its customers, or on a specific customer profile. In short, instead of trying to implement a strategy to sell a product at any cost to anyone, as product marketing would tend to do, it is more a question of gathering a clientele, analysing it and trying to make it loyal to its brand or company. This type of customer marketing is therefore more subtle, and far more effective than product marketing. Instead of focusing on one particular product, you focus on all the products that make up your offering. By building customer loyalty, you ensure long-term revenue streams.

Follow the trend and contact a specialist

Today, product marketing is much less popular than it used to be among sales and marketing professionals. Although it has not completely disappeared from the world of advertising and promotion, it has largely been supplanted by marketing that targets people, potential buyers. The objective, in order to perpetuate one's business, is to keep customers close to you, to convince them that they should buy everything from you, regardless of the product. Of course, these new practices are too often ignored by the most experienced trade professionals. That's why it's highly recommended to call on a specialised agency like Kiss The Bride. With consultants at your side, you will have no trouble rethinking your overall strategy and boosting your sales, in both the short and long term.
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